Speed Issues

  • Hi

    This is a strange one, and more a general question then anything else, we have pfsense 1-2 release running on 2 servers (not in a team, one test one live) The live version is running on an old HP DL 360 G3 with 2 Dual core 2.4GHz 2GB Ram, SCSI disks, although pfSense runs, and it is quite slow on load and on rule changes, this is compared to the test system which is running on much lower hardware spec.

    So for the open question and is no big deal, which just be interested to hear anyone's feedback, also the HP was just setup originally as a testing box but worked so well we pretty much put it live straight away, so this will not be staying in place, but will be looking to replace with something else, however need to be sure I am getting the right thing, basically need something 6 NIC's



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