IPSEC through NAT

  • After looking at some post I am assuming this is not possible with pfsense but I can’t cause any harm asking…. or can I? Anyway I want to setup redundant PFSense boxes behind a Nat - I don’t have enough public ips.... Anyway I use IPSec tunnels and I know with Cisco equipment you can establish IPSec connections behind natted boxes. Is this possible with PFSense?


  • I think not with 1.2!

  • @heiko:

    I think not with 1.2!

    You'll have to wait v1.3 and the NAT-Traversal. Except if NAT-T is added to the v1.2.1 features.

    Hope this helps.

  • Yes this helps. I can’t wait for 1.3. The features sound very exciting!

  • I think NAT-T isn´t working XOR supported in 1.21!

    If NAT-T works in 1.21 would be a new information for me…....

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