WAN+LAN = No Internet

  • Hello,

    I installed pfSense 2.3.2 and configured. The interfaces are WAN and LAN and no internet connection.

    My network


    I cannot connect to the internet from my green-side.
    If I connect my notebook to the umts-router direct, then I have internet.

    If I logged in pfsense over the webconfigurator to DIAGNOSTIC --> PING then I can ping the hosts on the green side
    and the umts-router of the red-side. But I can´t ping to the internet. The DNS entry is correct. I cannot ping the ip-address or the websitename.

    Then I plugged the UMTS-Router direct to pfsense [RED-NIC] and my notebook in the GREEN-NIC. It is the same problem

    Have I overlooked a fault?

  • Give some details of:
    WAN side of pfSense - are you using DHCP or a static IP and specifying the upstream gateway?
    What is the WAN address and CIDR, and what for LAN? If they are the same or the subnets overlap you will have problems (e.g. if both WAN and LAN end up in

  • Hi phil.davis,

    INTERNET (not-static)–----UMTS-Router ( static)-------(WAN static) pfsense (LAN static; DHCP for Clients < xxx)–---

    In the evening, suddenly I remembered that it could be possible that the gateway entry at pfsense is missing.
    I will search where I can entry the gateway for pfsense. The gateway will be if it is correct.

    Where can I find the gateway ?
    Is this correct? INTERFACES –> WAN --> IPv4 Upstream Gateway ?


    I saw in SYSTEM ---> Routing and there is the ip-gateway:
    According to my understanding it is correct.

    But I cannot still in the internet.

    EDIT-2: Here is a example from my network

  • I entered the gateway and reboot the server. Now I can go to the internet.

    Thank you very much phil.davis for your help and patient.

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