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  • I have public IP /24
    IPv4 interface is XXX.XXX.10.2

    I set outbound NAT for to NAT address XXX.XXX.10.111 (address is add as IP Alias)

    I use tftp helper to boot pxe, but outgoing IP is XXX.XXX.10.2 (not XXX.XXX.10.111 set in outbound nat) -> -> YY.YYY.YYY.9:69 "RRQ pxelinux.0"

    How can I set outbound IP XXX.XXX.10.111 to TFTP helper ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You'd have to match it by port number in the outbound NAT.

    The source of for NAT is for daemons which only bind to and nothing else.

  • I set:
    Interface: WAN
    Source: any
    Source Port: *
    Destination: *
    Destination Port: *
    NAT Address: XXX.XXX.10.111

    as firts rule in outbound NAT

    but in log is -> ->YY.YYY194.9:69 "RRQ pxelinux.0"

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It will show that in the log, but the state table should show it getting NAT applied.

    Still, a NAT rule like that with a source of any is an awful idea. Match the traffic more precisely (source = your WAN IP address, destination = any, port 69)

    Though TFTP is a mess of a protocol, it'll still probably need some other nonsense to make it work.

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