Watchguard x1000 AMI Bios

  • I apologize if this has been answered somewhere, but I have searched the forum and could not find it.
    I have 3 x1000 units.  I tried to use the step by step to change the bios, and it failed.  I noticed that the video and the guide show award and phoenix bios, however the units that I have use the AMI bios.  Is it possible to flash these bios to run a 4 or 8 gig compactflash card or should I trash these and buy the gear with other bios? I have not been able to find anything on the forum about AMI Bios.  Do they need flashed or will they accept larger format cards? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • I could be wrong, but last year i have rebuild a x700 for pfSense,
    and i can't remember that i changed or updated the Bios.
    The should work with the original Bios ( i think).
    Also, on this blog, there's is no mention of changing or updating the Bios :


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