2.3.2 Upgrade - Taking Forever?

  • Up until this point, all the upgrades I've done have taken less than 5 min. start to finish, but this upgrade from 2.3.1-p5 to 2.3.2 seems to be taking forever… is it just me?  It's been running for more than 30 min. and there are no status updates:

    At first, I thought the entire process might be hung since it looked like nothing was going on, but I now notice that the turquoise bar is going back and forth periodically.  So, 30+ min. in… and no text stating what's happening... I'm tempted to refresh the page or try to restart the process, but I also don't want to disrupt things if it's actually still doing something.

    Anyone else having this experience?  Is this lack of info to be expected?

    It took about 10 min. to post this, so at this point, the upgrade has been running for ~40 min.

    *** UPDATE - My upgrade finished successfully and rebooted around the 45 min mark! ***

    While I'm glad it finished successfully, a more informed status indicator would've kept me in the loop and avoided questions/concerns regarding the overall progress of the upgrade.

  • There should be text in the text box that gives a clue ;) but I have no idea why you did not get that.
    My upgrade today was much slower than I have been experiencing for the dev snapshots, and given that there are quite a few comments about the speed, I would guess that the upgrade server is struggling to keep up with the number of upgrades being served. In one way that's a good problem to have - there are lots of pfSense users and many of them are confident enough to upgrade on the first day of a new release!

  • The update is awfully slow! On our APU device it's running since 45 min. Usually it took 5-10 min to finish. Download speed is extremly slow (we are on a 50MBit cable line). Fetching "perl5-5.20.3_13.txz" took about 8 min!

    [Edit: the whole process took 75 min to finalize]

  • Hi,

    Same here, fetching various packages takes aeons… well, we ll wait then.
    All good things come to those etc...

    Edit: Done. Got there. Thanks

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