PfSense 2.3.1 with Zabbix agent and Zabbix

  • Staff, good afternoon . I have a doubt.
    I have pfSense with Zabbix agent and Zabbix Proxy. Was set up and running normally , only realizai the last update pfsense to version 2.3.1 and stopped working my monitoring Zabbix agent.

    I realize that there in Zabbix there PROXIES SETUP , the proxye the pfsense is responding normal.
    But the Host it shows me as online , but I can not pull any information from him.

    Anyone ever had this problem?

  • pfSense 2.3 only supports Zabbix 2.2 at the moment. If you are using Zabbix Proxies you must have the same version as you Zabbix server for the Proxy to download the latest configuration changes from the Zabbix Server. Zabbix agents are backwards compatible.

    Zabbix version 3 agent/proxy for pfSense 2.3 is being worked on.

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