Upgraded to Development - Switch to Stable

  • I upgraded to 2.3.3-Development is it possible to go back to 2.3.2-Stable? I have switched the updater option to stable it sees latest base system 2.3.2 available but after the updated completes I am still on the development version.

  • Not sure which applies to me?

  • None of those apply in that case actually. To upgrade from 2.3.2 snapshots to release, just change the update branch back to stable, and upgrade as usual. I've done that on several systems without issue. What version does it show you're running after doing that?

  • Just since this comes up fairly high in the relevant searches on this subject, and never got a resolution:

    cmb is correct in that you have only to change the track and run the update. When you check for updates it will still show an experimental release number as an available update. Run this update and then reboot. Once it comes back, it will show an update available that will be the release version.

    This was my experience going from a 2.3.3 pre-release anyway.

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