Corrupt upgrade file or bad hash?

  • I tried downloading the v2.3.2 full upgrade file (pfSense-CE-Full-Update-2.3.2-RELEASE-amd64.tgz) from four different mirrors and get a hash (SHA-256) of:


    from all of them, but the pfSense web site lists the hash as:


    Has the file been corrupted on the mirrors, is the listed hash bad or did I screw something up?

    The hashes for the amd64 ISO and memstick check out just fine.

  • The update files' sha256 were originally on the updates prior to being signed. They've been updated to match, and I added a note to the release documentation to ensure the steps are always run in the described order so that doesn't happen in the future. Thanks for the report.

  • I'm seeing the same thing when trying to go from 2.2.4-RELEASE to 2.3.1.  2.3.1 is what the auto-updater selects even thought 2.3.2 is out there.

    In any case, updater is pulling from the following location:

    Manually calculating sha256 on the file gives:


    While the latest.tgz.sha256 gives:


    I'm assuming it's safe to proceed with latest.tgz, but wanted to check considering the hashes are there for a reason.

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