What can I do exactly with dynamic DNS?

  • Hello, I am new on this. I created a free hostname (delfindelfin.no-ip.org) in https://www.noip.com/, then in pfsense in Services/Dynamic DNS I added a dynamic DNS Client, I uploaded an image of the configuration. With that done, I thought that I was going to be capable to access my pfsense box from outside my LAN, but when I put in the browser delfindelfin.no-ip.org, nothing happens. I am not sure if I have to do another configuration, my ports are open. So what I am trying to do is what dynamic DNS is for? if I have a web server on my LAN, do I still have to install the no-ip client in the server?  Could I access to my web server with just making portforwarding in pfsense?

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