Simple NAT question

  • Dear all,

    What I am doing here wrong as this NAT Rule used to work and still working for the past NAT rules  but I think during the past few pfsense releases updates it stopped working for new NAT rules.

    for NAT and rules please see attached picture, for the working NATs I dont see anything under rules which is surprising but could have changed in some releases of pfsense.

    am i missing anything as I said it used to work great but not sure what changed in the new releases.

  • That's correct. Nothing changed in new releases. Go through the troubleshooting steps.

    Likely one of 2-5 under common problems.

  • thanks for the quick response CMB but I verified 2 - 5 but nothing applies to this situation as I know NAT working for other devices and ports but not for the newer one and nothing blocked on the client machine. Logs are not very helpful to see what might block it but in reality nothing is being blocked by the ISP or client machine which is outside of that network.

  • Do a packet capture from Diagnostic menu on the WAN interface, while trying the access from outside, to ensure the packets arrive at pfSense.
    If you see the packets, do a packet capture on the interface the destination host is connected to, to see if here is everything okay.

  • thanks viragomann I do see packets on the WAN interface showing my remote IP I am trying to access from but it shows a different port which I guess may be normal but I am not sure what I am looking at on the LAN packet capture for the destination device. I dont see its IP being requested.

  • On WAN you have to see packet with destination <wan address="">:61009 and responses from this address:port
    on LAN packets to and responses from it.

    If your not sure post the output here.</wan>

  • I figured its some corruption in the firmware - I used another machine and it worked great. Thanks for your help. I will close this case now

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