How to access my pfsense from remote location?

  • i got pfsence with 2 wans and 1 lan

    if i want to manage my pfsense via web gui form out side my network, what should i do?

    i have 2 ip publics and my wans are behind 2 adsl modems.

    can i just simply access my ip public?

  • After creating a rule on the WAN that allows traffic to the WAN-address on the webgui-port, you have to forward the port on the ADSL modem to your pfSense WAN as well.
    But it's not such a good idea to expose your webgui to the internet.

    It is better if you set up a VPN-server (like openVPN) and connect to it and manage your pfSense over that.

  • when i m creating a new client connection for vpn, i have to acces my remote server vpn via http, so cant remote the server via vpn yet.

    should i make my vpn server's wan as DMZ from my adsl router ? is it a good idea ? i think it's more simple.

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