Named (bind) service is started when disabled

  • Version pfSense 2.3.1-p5.  BIND 9.10_8

    If I configure the bind DNS server then disable it.  It is stopped, but later changes to pfSense configuration cause it to be restarted, which then takes over from unbound.  It is as if it is now honoring the disable flag in all situations.

  • Hi Andrew,

    we are maintaining the package right now.

    Let me check that behavior.

    What is your use case with it?
    Do you have unbound running when Bind is disabled?

    I will try and reproduce the issue so we can fix it.


    pfSense Select Partner

  • I believe this is still happening.

    I installed but eventually disabled BIND and re-enabled the builtin DNS Resolver service. After a reboot, I see both unbound and named running and it appears that BIND and not DNS Resolver is answering DNS queries. Enabling and disabling the "Enable BIND DNS server." checkbox (and applying settings in-between) results in named being killed and DNS queries once again being answered as expected by the DNS Resolver.

    This is a nearly fresh installation of pfSense 2.3.4-RELEASE and BIND 9.11_7, so I doubt there's anything unusual about my installation aside from having installed BIND, enabled it (and disabled DNS Resolver), disabled it again (and then reenabled DNS Resolver) and finally rebooted in this configuration. It appears that BIND simply launches unconditionally at boot regardless of whether it's actually enabled.

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