Troubleshouting NAT website to only one valid adress

  • The problem is that i want to setup a network in witch i will allow acess to only my webserver that is been host on another computer on  the internet.
    I'm using pfsense to control all trafic in my network.I'll looking for a way to do a NAT that could solve my problem.
    For example if a user in my network want to access a website it will redirect it to my website. will be redirect to
    Thanks to all person that could help me with my problèm.

  • Your best bet would be to use squid as a redirector to whichever site you want to force your users to. If you run Squid as a transparent proxy on your firewall you can set it to push all web traffic to whichever external site you want. If you Google "squid url redirect" you'll find plenty of examples.

  • thanks for the tip
    I will try it with squid to see

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