Disaster: Zabbix Proxy 2.2 LTS disappeard

  • Hello

    I just updated a firewall to 2.3.2 and wanted to reinstall the zabbix proxy.
    The zabbix proxy lts ships now 3.0.2. This is close to a disaster.
    We have a huge distributed monitoring, all based on zabbix proxies on pfsense with Zabbix 2.2 running.
    Its simply close to impossible to update the whole infrastruture.

    Can the package maintainer please add the 2.2 lts support back again!



  • According to the docs (https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/2.3_Removed_Packages), there is no package maintainer and that is why it is not longer available.  It does say there is an alternative, but I do not know the compatibility of the suggested alternative with your infrastructure.  If that alternate is not a viable option, your only option is to downgrade to 2.2.6 or help maintain the project yourself.  For most of us, I understand, the latter is not a realistic option.

    I, for one, cannot upgrade as some of the packages I use (bind, for one) is in the same situation.

    Good luck working through this.  I wish I could be more help.

  • Thanks for Your reply.

    The problem is, other than the agents, the proxies must have the same major release as the server to work.
    So for the 2.2-Server its required to have a 2.2 proxy. The agents can differ in the major release.
    I would like to contribute to the project, but I'm a Linux guy, and absolutely not familiar with bsd, so I might not contribute a lot.

  • @roli8200:

    I would like to contribute to the project

    You could try financing development with a bounty

  • I am sorry to hear that you are having issues because of this upgrade.

    A lot of new features and TLS support are available on zabbix 3.

    Other people were waiting for this (including me):


    Possibliy an user using Zabbix 3:

    If it's not viable upgrade your zabbix server, I will suggest that you install zabbix 2 manually. (PM me or send an e-mail… I can help)