Re-enabling IPv6… Can someone refresh my memory (:

  • I had disabled IPv6 on my 2.3.1 install and I remember doing three things:

    1. System > Advanced > Networking > Allow IPv6 … I set to "Disabled"
    2. Interfaces > LAN > IPv6 Configuration Type ... I set to "None"
    3. Interfaces > WAN > IPv6 Configuration Type ... I set to "None"

    Now for #1, I can set that back to "Enabled", but for #2 and #3, I don't remember what the defaults were for those (as I hadn't changed them after the default pfSense install). Can someone tell me what those default values should be? I'm very visual, so if anyone had screenshots for the default LAN and WAN pages, that'd be awesome.

    Is there any other settings I should check to make sure IPv6 is set properly?


  • Technically the settings would be dependent on how your ISP provides IPv6 addresses… but I believe the defaults in pfSense are for WAN to be set to DHCP6, and LAN set to Track Interface, then under the Track Interface setting, to track the WAN interface.

    But if your ISP doesn't provide IPv6 addresses and prefixes through DHCP, then you'll need to adjust accordingly.

  • Thanks for the reply!

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