Configuring OLSR HNA (dynamic internet gateway)

  • A few OLSR configuration issues (in pfSense beta3)…

    HNA (Dynamic Internet gateway) plugin:
    This is suppose to automatically set the Gateway to another olsr node with the "best" Internet connection.  On the pfSense olsr config gui I checked the box to enable Dynamic Internet gateway on the appropriate node(s) with internet connections.  On the olsr-user mailing list, they replied that I need to leave the Gateway setting blank on the other nodes & clients for the "best" gateway to be automatically assigned.  However, pfSense will not permit a blank Gateway on the WAN interface.  So, I tried setting the Gateway to the same IP as the interface, and to, with no luck.  Any suggestions?

    HTTP info plugin: this is serving me an empty web page.

    I also plan to post more questions on the olsr-user mailing list, however I'm not sure whether I'm encountering these issues because I don't know enough about olsr configuration yet or because pfSense needs to be configured to interact better with olsr.

    Thanks, -pc

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