2.2.6 -> 2.3.2 virtual ip / 1:1nat broken?

  • Did a fresh install to new hardware of 2.3.2, restored 2.2.6 config. Reassigned WAN/LAN nics, rebooted. None of my virtual ip's are working with the 1:1 nat. I cleared my switch config made sure all macs got flushed. I am seeing this problem on two different boxes. Can get out fine via WAN but none of the 1:1 / virtual IP's can get out or in.

    Has anyone run into trouble with virtual IP /1:1 nat?

  • VIPs and 1:1 NAT definitely all work fine. Packet capture, see if the traffic is coming into your WAN at all. I'm guessing it's not, and you're not seeing any ARP requests on those IPs, likely because of upstream ARP cache on your ISP's router.

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