Archer C9 and pfSense?

  • My question is rather hardware specific.  I have a TP-Link Archer C9.  I am interest in using pfSense.  Would it be recommended to run pfSense in place of the Archer C9 firmware or have a separate pfSense box in addition to the Archer C9?  Performance and functionality are the primary goals.  Feedback is greatly appreciated.  Thank you all.

  • pfSense doesn't run on anything besides x86 hardware at this point in time. The base OS also sucks at WiFi.

    so: don't bother attempting modifying your TP-link hardware to run pfSense

  • Thank you.

    One follow up question.  Would it then be recommended to use the pfSense "box" as a firewall/router and the Archer C9 as only a wireless access point?

  • that is the recommended way yes.

  • The crap software in most consumer grade routers makes them good as an access point, but not a lot more.  The C9 should be pretty decent - a lot better than the WRT54GL (running dd-wrt) that I'm using-but even that works… good enough to stream a bit of Youtube or browse.

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