OPENVPN first time setup

  • hi

    I've just installed openvpn and created the profil(used a youtube guide video)
    the connection works, but i can't access any of my lan server/pces

    i guess its this part thats wrong

    My lan is network

  • You might have better luck posting your problem in the OpenVPN forum.  Do you have a firewall rule on the OpenVPN tab to allow traffic?

  • yes :D and it connects but can't get anywhere

  • Are you running the client under Windows?  If so, are you running it as Administrator?  You must run as Administrator or the routing table does not get properly updated and it will appear to connect but not work as expected.  If the preceding advice didn't help then post again in the proper forum and include screenshots of your OpenVPN firewall rule, and your OpenVPN server config (General, Crypto, Tunnel, Client, Advanced).  You said you watched a YouTube video.  Did you read through the real pfSense docs on how to install & configure OpenVPN?

  • Aa looks like i med at bridge , because i Can connect to The pf'S gui  :)

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If you can ping the pfSense LAN interface (or bring up the pfSense gui when connecting to the LAN interface address) from the OpenVPN client then your tunnel is probably up and correctly configured.

    If you cannot connect to other devices on the pfSense LAN, that is almost always the local firewall on the TARGET host preventing access from foreign subnets.

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