504 Gateway Timeout on four new VMs running pfsense 2.3.2

  • Hi everyone.
    I have 7 installations of pfSense 2.3. I only have the Open-VM-Tools packages on those because all are full install VMs 64bits.
    I am getting the error 504 on 4 of them that I installed yesterday and today.
    It is very difficult to work on them since they hang for 2-3 minutes then throw that error.
    I reinstalled one of this VMs completelly from scratch, then restored one of my backups that I took yesterday on another 2.3.2 system and after reboot I was only able to login, then I went to firewall and after 3 minutes Bang! 504 appeared again!

    I have reed the forum and some people said this problem had something to do with update checking, so I disabled it but still persist. Also reed something about IP Sec widged but I don't use nothing more that what is already included on system by default.
    I also tried the option 16 on the console but sometimes it just don't make difference.

    If any developer need me to provide anything else please let me know. 2 of these systems are in production and I am just starting to think about moving back to 2.2.6 all my installations because this is repeating on 4 of my 7 setups. It scares me.

    Thanks a lot

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