NATing one subnet to another for IPsec Tunnel

  • Hello- I have the following situation.

    PFSense 2.1.4 - LAN Subnet:

    IPsec VPN to a hosted server environment, needing to Access the .1.1 subnet for printing purposes.

    The server hosting company is wanting me to "NAT the subnet to"  to get around IP conflicts on their end.

    I am not very familiar with setting up custom NAT rules at all… This may be something simple... but I really have no clue.

    Help is appreciated!


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No fancy rules needed. All you have to do is add the network they asked for in the P2. Edit the Phase 2 entry for your tunnel and right under where you have now, there's a box for NAT options, set it to the subnet they gave you (

    Then when your 1.x net tries to reach across the VPN, it looks like it comes from 10.100.29.x, and when the far side needs to reach your 1.x net, they talk to 10.100.29.x instead and the NAT will get it there.

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