• It was around 12 years ago at this time that Scott Ullrich and I got started on pfSense, known as "projectx" until November 2004. Prior to that, Scott and I were working on his commercial firewall product, Moatware. In 2003-2004, I started working on m0n0wall as well. When Moatware closed up shop, we decided to start an open source project and see what happened. If it were successful, we could build a business around it. Initially, I wasn't sure what to expect.

    With the initial help of many volunteers, and later employees and many more community volunteers, we've been able to build something great. The Google Trends line tells the story.

    We've taken over the open source firewall distro world. No one else even comes close.

    Though we've announced that I'm leaving, I've not said where I'm going. I've accepted an offer to join Ubiquiti Networks to lead a proprietary software product, unrelated to pfSense. Today is my last day of work here. Out of respect for what site we're on, let's not discuss that here. I'll be starting at Ubiquiti on August 8, so we can discuss Ubiquiti on their forum if you're interested. To address the concern a number of you communicated privately, I was lured away, not driven out.

    From now on, I'm reachable at cbuechler@gmail.com. I'll be back here on the forum from time to time.

    It's been an incredible experience to work with and meet so many of you. I've made friends and contacts all around the world that will carry on long into the future. My thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way over the past 12 years.

  • Chris,

    Thanks for all the level-headed input and feedback you have provided in both forums and technical code. After working in many IT areas across my career and finally "coming out" into the open-source world when I went to live in Nepal, pfSense is the project that I have ended up being most involved in. You and your attitude are one of the main reasons I have continued to contribute - well done.

    There are others in the pfSense/ESF community that are well placed to continue with both the personal and technical abilities that are needed to keep the project moving forward, so that is good. But you will be missed!

    Best wishes for your future, and I look forward to hearing from you occasionally in the pfSense forums as appropriate.

  • So long and thanks for all of the packets!

  • Rebel Alliance

    All the Best for You, thank you for your great/hard work here… see you at UBNT forums ;)

  • Thank you for this.

    Not many people appreciate what software like this can accomplish and the answers it brings in bringing a safer experience to so many.

    The pfsense team is making the world a better place.

  • Chris,

    There is no doubt that you will be missed. Your manner in running the project has been superb, and is a shinning example of how an open source project should be run. We are all grateful for your great work and gentle guidance.

    I wish you all the best in your future pursuits.


  • Chris,

    Thank you for all the blood, sweat and tears you put into this project.  It certainly shows!

    I'm sad to see you go, hopefully you are still around once in a while.

    Ubiquiti is very lucky to get you.

    I wish you nothing but the best!


  • All of us have been touched in some way by your hard work and dedication. pfSense is one of those rarest of projects that has just the right mix: great developers, excellent project management, a thriving and respectful community, and plain old awesome features & performance – all backed up by Netgate who supply amazing hardware to run it all on at the best prices in the industry.

    pfSense has made my home, my office, and the homes, offices and datacenters of countless clients, friends and family safer, faster and more performant.

    Thank you for sharing your story candidly. As a UBNT fan I was excited to read that news! They are certainly lucky to have you coming on. I can't wait to see what is yet to come.

    I do believe that pfSense has a long and bright future ahead, thank you for helping to make this possible.

    Long live cmb. Long live pfSense. "We use the mighty pf, we cannot be fooled" :)

  • For months in 2009 I tested every FW distro I could find.
    pfSense was the last one to test. I've hardly had a day since then w/o the webui in front of me.

    For everything - thanks.

  • It's really sad to see one of the best professionals of this project going away.

    However, because I'll be seeing you on UBNT's side, there's hope yet! I work a lot with Ubiquiti's products and with someone like you over there, I'm certain we can look forward to improvements and better solutions.

    Best speed! Like Kirk said: "Second star to the right and straight on till morning. "

  • All the best for the future.  :)


    So long and thanks for all of the packets!


  • Chris Buechler,
    Good luck on your new journey and that God enlighten your way.

    Go in peace!

  • It has been a pleasure to be a small part of the pfSense project with you around, Chris. I thank you for your far sightedness, belief in the value of a high quality open source firewall, wise counsel and deep technical insights.

    All good wishes to you and Sarah for the future.

  • Chris Buechler,

    I am so inspired by your story. And am so glad we'll be seeing you in UBNT. I always have hopes and been trying to integrate these two products.

    Hope you won't mind having a stalker. :)

    Loyal fan,

  • Chris,

    just popped by to leave a big thanks! You're great guy of even greater integrity.

    You have my utmost respect for having managed to accomplish your dream.


  • Chris,

    Best of luck to you! Its been a pleasure talking to you on the forums and thank you for all your support. Good luck at Ubiquiti Networks and I'll see you on their forums from time to time (I've been stalking them for over a year now)


  • All the best Chris.  Thanks for everything you have done.

    Dave Vrona

  • Chris,

    You and Jim helped me when my little company was moving into a new data center.  You were expert in every manner, and helped cement my belief that PfSense was the way forward.

    I bought the PfSense books, and subscribed with paid membership wherever it might be of mutual benefit.

    I'm hoping that, somehow, through some means, PfSense will lure you back.

    Anyone else share that sentiment?


  • No, we Dutch are not stupid: we founded the USA and some other countries (many, actually :-)). We're just not always responding at the second since we're busy founding new countries, new stock exchanges, and new trillion EUR companies.

    So I'm late to this party to say: thank you and wish you well @ Ubiquity: and EXCELLENT choice in my book. We've had this hardware for many years, and it NEVER failed. Disruptive technology reads: Ubiquity. I'm sure you will be a most valuable contribution to that already very valuable company.

    Be well, and, as we say in The Royal Kingdom of The Netherlands: eat much vegetables, not fat fast food mcdronalds junk  ;D :P :-[ :-* ;)