New Install and Reinstate Config Bug

  • Had a hard lock on the machine and on restarting the HDD didn't recover. Luckily had a backup config.xml so decided to reinstall and let pfSense do its thing.

    Fresh install, enabled the LAN and gave it a network so I can log on from another machine, access the web gui, and upload back up config.xml. pfSense loads it and restarts. As its a fresh installation, no packages are loaded up so it tries to do this in the background. However, it seems to fail as Unbound has not started.

    Investigating this, I see the Unbound has an Advance Setting and is trying to include the pfBlocker inc file which is not there yet. Removing this and restarting Unbound lets Unbound start successfully.

    Just notifying this as a bug on 2.3.1.

  • As a note if it helps:

    remove or comment out the <custom_options>tag in the config xml under unbound works and unbound starts successfully.

    I also had a problem with dnssec with my ISP I believe so removed this as well.</custom_options>

  • As a precaution before upgrade I disabled all packages that could block access to internet, pfBlockerNG AND DNSBL, Suricata, Snort etc.

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