Intel J3160 capability, hardware suggestions

  • Hi there,

    I've already opened up a thread asking if my (left-over) APU could handle my needs…but it recently died to a "heart-attack" (due to that somewhat crappy cooler I bought and me being stupid).

    So I've been searching for an, maybe a bit more energy efficient, alternative.

    Internet will be 100/50 fiber. I want to set up a few firewall rules, a VPN-Server and maybe a -Client too.

    What do you think about the Biostar J3160MD board in combination with 2 Intel PCIe NICs for WAN and LAN? Will the CPU be able to handle the tasks?

    Budget-wise it looks like a good deal. And I'd be able to reuse my PSU, case, RAM and SSD.

    As always, I'd really appreciate your help.  :)

  • that CPU should be fine for your connection

  • Thanks :)

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