WAN IPs: Alias or add multi-port NIC ports

  • I know this has been asked, and I have researched on my own, but the more I find the more confusing it gets, without leading me to a clear understanding.

    Heres my setup; cable modem with 5 static IPs. >>> pfSense (dual NIC Lan\Wan)>>>Small network with multiple servers (MAIL, Owncloud, remote access)

    What is the (best practices) way to go about this. Do I add more NICs, each external IP on its own port?? Trying to setup aliases isnt working out so far. Still trying to wrap my head around the config options and nail down the NAT settings.
    What is the best way to NAT the same port based on ext source IP. Ex: webmail and owncloud are both on HTTPS (443) so my firewall rules should be something like (mail) source WAN IP X.X.X.121 port:443 to LAN IP X.X.X.20 allow and (owncloud) source WAN IP X.X.X.122 port:443 to LAN IP X.X.X.25 allow.
    Seems simple enough, but so far cant make this happen with aliases.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Firewall > Virtual IPs

    You cannot have multiple interfaces on the same subnet.

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