Multi LAN + Squid + Squidguard + MultiWAN Loadbalancer …

  • Hi to all…
    I have this network configuration:

    LAN1 -------|-------------|
    LAN2 -------| PfSense  | -------- WAN1
    LAN3 -------|        |        --------WAN2
    ..              |                | -------- WAN3
                                      |  --------WAN4
    ..              |                | -------- GW_WAN

    I make Gateway Group called ADSLLoadBalance Annd I have Another Gateway Called GW_WAN Is Default . In this case I need Install Squid + Squidguard and Route The Traffic .But I Have Some Pc On LAN2 Go Direct From GW_WAN Also I need Make This After Install Squid + Squidguard. And Also Some Pc Go Direct From ADSLLoadBalance.

    Please Check For Attachment .
    Can you help me??

    Thx in advance!!!
    ![Gateway Groups.JPG](/public/imported_attachments/1/Gateway Groups.JPG)
    ![Gateway Groups.JPG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Gateway Groups.JPG_thumb)

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