Auto DNS for DHCPv6?

  • Is this possible? Right now, v4 DHCP clients register their host names in the local DNS forwarder. This works well and is very convenient. I would like to get some v6 hosts doing the same thing. I can't static assign them as it's Comcast with a dynamic PD. I do have them statically assigned with a hostname in DHCPv6 though. Yet the DNS forwarder and revolvers don't pick up on that.

    I understand that SLAAC clients can't do this, that's fine. I would like to get static DHCPv6 to work though.

    I see options for pushing the updates to a dynamic DNS provider. Is there something similar for the local DNS setup? I don't want every DHCPv6 client registered with the real DNS system. I'm not even sure can do that. I was planning to run an update client for DNS for machines I want remotely accessible.

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