Issues with hanging at ukbd0 or ukbd1

  • Hello,

    We have been upgrading our pfSense firewalls. We've been building new boxes and attempting to restore the config. We make sure the interface names match up, etc. and everything is fine there. After the restore and reboot, the boxes seem to hang at "ukbd0" or "ukbd1". Sometimes they release 20 minutes or so later, other times they hang indefinitely. Eventually we are able to ping the LAN interface and log into the GUI, but the box will still remain hung at the console. This appears to be an issue with not having WAN connectivity, since we are building these in the shop before deployment. We never had this issue prior to 2.3.x. Is there a setting or something that we can configure so it reliably moves past this point? Any insights would be appreciated.


  • Give details of the hardware you are using, and some console output right up to the point where it is delayed or hangs.

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