• Setting up a new box, I put in for the interface address.

    Wondered why on the DHCP tab I was seeing a range that didn't match.

    Slapped myself on the forhead and went back and corrected the interface address to

    Doesn't matter though - even though the ranges are correctly specified, and the assignment is as expected, dhcp insists on pushing out - which does not exist - as the default gateway and dns.

    It does this even if the correct address of is specified in dhcp for the gateway and dns.

    I had to change the subnet mask to /24 to get it working correctly.

    edit: I was wrong - it's still handing out gateway and dns for a different subnet.

    changed to a completely different subnet and I still see in wireshark, pf handing out an invalid lease from an ip it no longer has.

    I'm gonna reboot this mess and see if it gets unstuck.

    Trying really hard not to be overly critical, but I'm wasting way more time than I should be on something so simple.

    edit: That seems to have worked - I finally have a a valid ip and dns/gw assignments.

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    so once the information is given for a lease, you would have to make sure you clear that old lease - delete it.  Or yeah the same client could keep getting the wrong info because it keeps just getting the renewal of its old lease.