Can't connect devices to pfsense

  • hello all. i installed pfsense on an old tower i had here in the following confog: modem>pfsense WAN>pfsenseLAN>unmanaged switch>wireless router>workstations

    i have all router functions disabled on the wireless router (Cisco E2000) so it should be acting only as an access point. currently i cannot connect wirelessly and also can only connect wired if i set a static IP on my laptop that is connected to the switch. if i set it to DHCP i get an APIPA number (169...*).

    under the status/DHCP leases on pfsense it is showing several leases out for all of my wireless devices but all say offline. occasionally a couple of the phones will come back to online status but i still cannot connect to the internet with them. they are all iphone 6's but that shouldn't matter. i also cannot connect wirelessly with my laptop. my first thought was a DHCP issue but pfsense shows it leased the numbers to the devices.

    i don't think the issue is my wireless router as my laptop hardwired to the switch will not work unless i set a static number, which indicates a DHCP issue. could it be DNS? i have left the pfsense DNS settings to default as my understanding is it will use DHCP to find my DNS server (which is my ISP). i have my laptop statically set to use for now.

    my DHCP config is as follows: my pfsense is set to my range is set to my laptop is set to static using but will be reverted back to static once this issue is resolved. my wireless router is set to

    thanks and i will update any findings or fixes

  • i just set my laptop back to DHCP and it did pick up an IP from pfsense and is working so that is resolved. now i just need to get my wireless working

  • seems to be working now. i changed routers to my netgear. i have had issues with this cisco router in the past but it had been fine for awhile now. not sure if it was a setting i missed somewhere or what but i disabled all routing functions in the netgear and connected it an everything seems to be working fine now.

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