NAT LAN address from one subnet to another LAN Subnet

  • hi
    i have three 4 subnets one wired lan .
    other three are wireless ssids.
    subnets are of lan subnet and for wifi subnet.
    i have a device on wifi subnet that i cannot access from a pc connected to the lan subnet.. cant ping it. cant telnet into the open ports when i am on lan subnet.

    however from pfsense can see it ping it and see the service port open.
    also accessible form wifi subnet.

    i found that that device doesnt have default gateway option in its ip settings and can only be acessible from same subnet.

    i want pfsense to NAT based a lan subnet ip like to another ip on instead of doing straigh forward routing between them.

    is it possible to do so ?
    the wifi subnet and lan subnet both resid on this pfsense box.


  • If the device just should be reachable from other subnets, not revers, do source NAT for it.

    Add an outbound NAT rule to the interface the device is connected to, source = any, destination = the address of that device, translation = interface address.
    The outbound NAT must be set to hybrid or manual rule generation.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    what device is it that does not allow you to set a gateway?  Doing a source nat is a work around, not the correct solution to the problem.  Your device is not meant to be used outside of its own layer 2 network for what reason?  What is the device?  Some wifi router your trying to use as AP?  If it supports putting 3rd party firmware on it like openwrt or dd-wrt, etc. this would allow you to set a gateway.

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