Can't Ping with static IP address inter vlans

  • Hello,

    i'm currently on setup with my lab, and i have a problem with routing multi VLAN.

    I have a server on OVH (with ESXi), so i have my public IP, and i just adding a failover IP with PFsense.

    On my PFsense, i have 3 VLANs :

    • LAN (just default LAN on 192.168.1.X).
    • VLAN10 (tag 10) : - 200 with gateway (but i don't have create a specific gateway on gateway menu). DHCP enable.
    • VLAN20 (tag 20) : - 200 with gateway (same as VLAN10). DHCP enable.

    Firewall rules are : VLAN10 to any, and VLAN20 to any

    On VLAN10, one DC :
    ON VLAN20, one server :

    On each i can ping from VLAN10 to VLAN20 when servers are on dynamics IP (and inversly).

    The problem is that when i change IP on static on windows (with same IP as dynamics), i can't ping any servers.

    from my DC (VLAN10), i can't ping my server on VLAN20 (and inversly).

    No firewalls enable on servers.

    Thx for your help !

  • Have you also added the gateway to the host manually when changing to static IP?

  • when i change IP from dynamic to static yes, i add :

    and DNS himself because it's DC / DNS server (

    On my second server :

    DNS : (first server DC so).

    But ping is KO on static IP. Only working with dynamics IP (and same IP).

    Note : "Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface" under System>Adv, Firewall/NAT is check.

  • Your network mask is to large!
    So both clients think the other IP is in its own subnet and don't direct packet to the gateway.

  • Ho sorry !!! Yes after modification it's ok now :) !

    But now my problem is that on VLAN10 and VLAN20, i don't have internet access. When I ping from my DC or the other one :

    ping :
    Reply from Destination host unreachable.

    To resume i can't exit from VLAN10 / 20 gateway :(

  • Maybe the outbound NAT isn't working properly.

    I don't know if pfSense adds the outbound NAT rule correctly for vLANs or maybe your outbound NAT is set for manual rule generation. Check the rules in Firewall > NAT > Outbound.

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