1.3 Usermanager issues

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    I have been testing out 1.3 for several day (very successfully … I might add), w/ one exception.  I have set up several "test" users and made an "operator only" group.

    All went well with this part ... but the issue comes when I try logging in as the new "restricted" user.

    I have set several "operator" level screens/pages that I'd like them to monitor, but when they login they are greeted with

    "Unauthorized. You do not have access to the page index.php"

    I have searched the options in both the group settings and in the individual user settings and have tried several options … such as:

    • WebCfg - System: Login / Logout page

    • WebCfg - pfSense wizard subsystem page

    • WebCfg - Required for javascript page

    But unfortunately … no access is granted.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

  • yeach i have tray also same like u.. but after that i can not open any index page  :(


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