Manually add second NIC

  • So I have a RamNode VPS with KVM running pfsense 2.3.1_1. I purchased a second IP from RamNode so I can do a HA Proxy for multiple sites I run. I am unable to get PFSense to recognize the second NIC with Virtio, Realtek 8139, and Intel PRO/1000 Drivers. Any idea where to start manually adding this, or determining if in fact, its possible on their system?  They sent me to you.

  • You probably want to post on the virtualization board here instead of general questions. Intel Pro/1000 should be a safe bet with any hypervisor though. Did you go to Interfaces, Assign to see if there was an available port to add?

  • Somehow I missed that yesterday! Thanks.

    Unfortunately there are no interfaces displayed in the GUI or using ifconfig.

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