Multi-Wan with shared gateway - need simplified advice

  • Hello all,

    I don't really want to bring a dead-horse back to life (well I do, but that's another story), but does someone have a simple solution advise for the old "multi-wan with 2 accounts from the same ISP with the same gateway"?

    The scenario:

    Our internet is provided by a WISP
    We have 2 separate accounts to our place (provisioned via Canopy radios)
    The account both share the same gateway; there is no option for other service levels; there are no other ISP options available.
    There are no public IP's, non-available and the ISP doesn't even want to hear about it! (The joys of a duopoly and an area serviced by only one side of the duopoly!)

    There was a discussion about routing one of the WAN lines through a router and then to the pfsense box. I know it's best to run a dd-wrt flashed router for this, and that's what I'll be doing, but does anyone have a favorite router to use?

    If anyone of the gurus can chirp in and give a few points of sage advise, would be humongously appreciated!!


  • any nat router is fine (as long as it doesnt crash)

  • Thanks heper.

    So noob question here, what is a NAT router vs a regular router? Is there a difference? Does dd-wrt change any router into a NAT router?

    It might be personal preference, but any brand to recommend? It's a 20 minute hike up a hill to the com cabinet, and I don't like exercise :-)


  • any 20-100 dollar router does/can do NAT (network address translation).
    there are, as far as i know, no consumer routers available, that DONT do nat out of the box.

    i don't have brand to recommend

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