1.2.1 RC1 works for Jetway J9f2

  • I just wanted to mention that  1.2.1 RC1 has made it possible to boot our configuration which doesn't get along well with FreeBSD 6.3 (BTX refuses to boot a USB CD Drive) but is content with FreeBSD 7.0 kernel.

    We're using two Jetway J9F2-Extreme motherboards each with a Intel Core Dual T2300 1.66ghz processor and 2gb memory.  Both boards are shoehorned in to a Travia C147 case; tight fit but works.   Only problems so far have been learning the differences between a Socket M and a Socket P  :o

    Planning to use the Firewire port on each board as the CARP tunnel, so I'm busy pulling the firewire.ko and if_fwip.ko files from the main distribution.  I guess that counts for another vote that it would be cool to include them in the pfsense distro.  Will report results if anybody is interested.

    Regards, Bill

  • Hi Bill,
    Thank you for reporting back to us in this interesting setup. I just order my C147 yesterday. I am still holding on the board. So far I have decided to go for one of this three:


    I need FreeBSD and pfsense compatibility. I also need the daughter cards to work. Please report back to us in your findings, I am very interested in your outcome. Thanks in advance.

  • BTW, your board specs look sweet, too bad it doesn't allow daughter card modules.

  • Progress Report - I've been burning the system in for about three days now without problems.

    Firewire cable now connects the two systems and I've been able to configure the fwip0 interface as the CARP interface, assign IP addresses, and use the interface for pings and even a ssh connection.

    Here's how we did it.

    • 10-pin header to 10-pin header cable.  A's -> B's, Gnd's -> Gnd's, Don't wire Power

    • Add firewire.ko and if_fwip.ko from the FreeBSD 7.0 distribution to /boot/kernel.

    • Add following lines to /boot/loader.conf

      • firewire_load = "Yes"

      • if_fwip_load = "Yes"

    • Create CARP interface and set it to fwip0

    • Configure CARP interface

    • Add firewall rule to allow traffic on CARP Interface

    • Test until works :)

    Haven't been able to get CARP running yet; Will update to lastest release 'cause it appears to have been recently fixed.  Putting a pool together next as load-balancing is more important for us.  Will update when I have more info.

    Regards, Bill

  • Coming along nicely.  Here's what's working:

    • NAT

    • Filter Rules in Bridging and Normal Mode

    • Auto Upgrade

    Still working on proving inbound load balancing.


  • Load Balancing working…  Continuing on to CARP.  Bill

  • @BillHeaton:

    Load Balancing working…  Continuing on to CARP.  Bill

    Interested to see how this works for you. I had to switch back to standard NIC cards after issues with firewire on 6.2 based builds. Basically, when I would shut down one box, the firewire would go crazy and bring the system to it's knees. My advice is to test heavily before going live, or at least do some tests during off-hours.

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