Dual ISP failover with SG-4860 pfSense® Security Gateway Appliance

  • Hello, I have a complete newbie question: From a hardware perspective, would the SG-4860 pfSense® Security Gateway Appliance be sufficient to implement a failover between two ISP provided routers (with separate connections)?

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  • That hardware would work, but if you don't need six interfaces (diagram shows three), you could use the SG-2440 instead.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The answer also depends on a few other factors, including:

    • Are the connections from the same ISP or different ISPs?

    • How much throughput will both WANs have?

    • What type of WANs are they (static IP, DHCP, PPPoE)

    • Will you need to use VPNs and if so, which type / how many tunnels/servers?

    If you can describe the scenario with a bit more detail we can provide a more accurate answer.

    In all likelihood the SG-4860 would handle the role very well, but depending on the specifics of the scenario you might need more power (8860 or XG-2758) or you might be able to get away with less (SG-2440).

  • This forum is awesome  :) I will try to provide a more precise descripition of the scenario.