Creating a custom FreeSwitch OR Asterisk package on PFSense

  • I desire to have freeswitch or asterisk on my pfsense box to save power (it is very expensive where I live) but it seems the packages have been depreciated, and unfortunately I can't do virtualization because the CPU/mobo I purchased doesn't actually support IOMMU (they said it did!) and I'm not comfortable with running VMM netcode.

    Has anyone made their own freeswitch or asterisk custom package for pfsense? Are there any special considerations (like security) I should be aware of? (I also use an SSD) How difficult is it?

    How come the freeswitch package is gone anyway?

    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum.

  • I am working on the Asterisk package (whenever time allows). I have the latest 13.9.1 version running stably under pfSense 2.3.2, but there is not GUI part yet.

    The basic installation is actually pretty simple. Just install asterisk13-13.9.1_2.txz plus dependencies from a standard repository and configure it using the console.

    I am currently learning bootstrap…

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