Problem with PassList

  • I have a PassList alias set up in the Firewall section.  I have a weather program that accesses an ip address.  This address is in the PassList and the PassList is in both the Firewall Rules WAN an Firewall Rules LAN.  This opens the IP ok when I first start my pdSense controller and computer in the morning.  But later, the weather program fails to display data and I always get a blocked message in the firewall log:
    X Aug 4 10:16 LAN

    Can anyone figure what the problem might be here?

  • Apparently snort was the problem.  It was triggering on a rule.  I didn't expect snort to cause a red X in the firewall log, but I think that I have an option checked somewhere to cause it.  I think I got around it by clicking off the red X in the Services Snort Alerts window.

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