Mobile VPN problems

  • I think I must have missed something, as I can get neither IPSec nor PPTP to work, for reasons which are unclear to me. I've tried several 1.3 versions, and they all give the same errors (so its likely that I'm the problem); I'm currently experimenting with:

    7.0-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE-p3 #0: Fri Aug 15 18:29:05 EDT 2008

    on the embedded platform.


    racoon refuses to even start. The log always gives the following error immediately upon parsing the configuration:

    Aug 17 05:52:36 pfsense racoon: ERROR: /var/etc/racoon.conf:15: "system" racoon not configured with –enable-hybrid

    Alas, in the  mobile client configuration, one can only  select "system" in the extended authentication dropdown, so its not clear how to work around this, if at all possible.

    I would prefer to use IPSec, but since I could not get that working, I attempted PPTP, but this only was slighlty better. It appears to work, but clients cannot actually connect.

    Aug 17 06:10:10 pfsense mpd: PPTP: Incoming control connection from 57533 to 1723
    Aug 17 06:10:10 pfsense mpd: pptp0: attached to connection with  57533
    Aug 17 06:10:10 pfsense mpd: No free PPTP link with requested parameters was found
    Aug 17 06:10:10 pfsense mpd: pptp0: peer's outgoing call request denied

    I've configured PPTP according to the m0n0 documentation, but perhaps I've just missed something here (firewall rule?)

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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