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  • I am running pfsense version 2.3.2 and all of a sudden I noticed that my disk usage was 106%.  I was running 2 packages, squid and another one I forget now.  I deleted both of them and the usage is now 103%.  I tried to install the backup package and it says I have -22 MB available.  What do I do to get things back to reasonable levels?  Everything has become quite unreliable in the last few days and I suspect this must be the issue.  Please help.
    ![pfsense disk usage output.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfsense disk usage output.jpg)
    ![pfsense disk usage output.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfsense disk usage output.jpg_thumb)

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    Which slice showed 106%/103%? Was it "/" or something else?

    Only a 2GB disk?

    The usage in /root seems high, as does /var, but without knowing more about your setup it's impossible to say if either of those is abnormal.

    Squid is good at eating up disk space with the cache and logging if your settings aren't right.

  • The slice was "/".  The disk is a 40 GB disk.  There is a file in / called .sujournal that appears to be 12 MB.  You raise another question in that the disk size is 40 GB but the GUI says the disk size is 1.5 GB.  I am confused by that.  i am a NOOB so it could be something very simple.

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    I would check /root and /var/run for any files ending in .core and remove them.

    Unknown why your 40GB disk has such a small partition. Output from df -h might shed some light.

  • I am facing same issue, i cannot browse internet or do anything on SG-2440. DISK usage is 104%.
    Can some one help to resolve this problem?

  • May i ask, how was this resolved?  Have the same issue now.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Find what is eating the disk space and clean it up.

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