Help with setting up DD-wrt and VLANs

  • Hey guys!

    So I can't seem to figure out how to setup vlans with my pfsense box and my dd-wrt router.  So what I want to accomplish is to have two wifi networks in seperate vlans which cannot talk to eachother, as well as my gaming PC to be in a vlan as well.

    I currently have PIA vpn running with a proxy server setup, with DHCP, DNS, etc. running on the pfsense box and two nics (1 for WAN and 1 for LAN which is hooked up to my dd-wrt AP).  Now I also have a third NIC on my pfsense box that I'm thinking I can use for my Gaming PC (so I don't have to create another vlan for it).
    I've created a vlan interface and assigned it to ID 2 but I don't know what to do on the DD-wrt router to get a second SSID configured and have it tagged and separate from my other SSID.

    Any ideas or help would be awesome!!

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    What hardware are you running dd-wrt on?  While its a great and all, its not magic - features like vlans are not supported on all hardware even if dd-wrt supports it, etc.

    To be honest if your talking vlans and multiple ssids and using pfsense its prob time you graduated from trying to make use the typical crap they put out for home users and trying to make it actually useful via 3rd party firmware.

    why don't you just pick up switch that supports vlans and AP that does it as well.  for around $130 you could get a AC ap and a 8 port gig switch, prob even cheaper find a sale, refurbed or rebates, etc.  But for $40 you can get a vlan switch and for $85 you could get unifi AC lite.

    Shoot this is cheaper than most wifi routers these days.. that don't support vlans on the wire or via ssids.

  • I'm using a Linksys WRT-54GL router.

    I do like the idea of getting a better AP and a gigabit switch I just don't have the money right now to spend on a new AP.

    I might be able to get a switch though which is what I was thinking about getting in the first place.

    Thanks a lot for your honest opinion and help I appreciate it!!!

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    My gawd.. That hardware is what 10 years old.. How could you be still using G for your wifi??  You have to be faster just using your phone cell connection.  G would be like dialup..

    Dude time to update… really!!!

    I can hear it now as people come over to the place to use your wifi
    Hey buddy whats your wifi password, oh shit G - no thanks I think I will just use my data plan, I want the info like this week ;)

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