2.3.2 nanobsd Can't add new P2 entry

  • On the 2.3.2 nanobsd build, I'm trying to add an additional P2 Entry (Local Network:; Remote Address: x.x.x.x).  However, once I hit "Save", it doesn't appear on the P2 list, though I'm prompted to Apply Changes as usual.

    Checking /var/etc/ipsec/ipsec.conf, my new entry does not exist.

    If it makes a difference, my Remote Address is a subset of a current P2 entry (I'm just setting up for testing right now).

    I'm able to add the corresponding entry in a 2.3.2 i386 box.  Does anybody have any suggestions towards troubleshooting this?

  • gahh, I'm sorry to say, I think it's related to some errant Group Permissions.

    I've removed and recreated the group (and reassigned permissions), and it now works.

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