• hello

    i've configured on one my computer on lan to be a Gateway as it has an internet connection through 4G LTE modem.

    When i manually set up its ip as default Gateway on others computers, it works, i can have access through that computer

    But if i set up in pfsense a Gateway with its ip, and assign that Gateway for traffic, i dont have any access to interner.

    Is it a limitation of pfsense ? Do i need to configure other things ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Well, i've got part of it.

    I set a rule to assign the client outbound to Gateway tethergw. (source  dest * Gateway tethergw)

    It works only in one way.

    I can download datas. But fore any upload connection, it uses the default Gateway on wan,

    so that you can't make it work properly

    I  still need to find the solution

    any clue ?

  • Hello, could it be an netmask issue ?

    as the gateway is in the same subnet as clients ?