Can someone please tell me the benefit of traffic shaping?

  • Hey guys,

    Learning pfsense. I wanted to start fine tuning my network. First off, I have a general idea of what traffic shaping is for. I currently do not have it set. What would be the benefit of using traffic shaping? I am afraid to use it with my VOIP because of reliablility, I don't wanna break anything :D. My WAN is going to my VOIP box, and from my VOIP box, to the WAN of pfsense, then lan out to my network.

    I really wanna mess with traffic shaping!!!!

    Also, whats the difference between traffic carp, and load balancing?

    Im sorry for asking these noobie questions, but you're input, will turn me into the network geek that I have always wanted to be :D!

    You guys rock, thanks so much.

  • The benefit of using traffic shaping is to ensure proper prioritization of data packets inside your network. It's a way for pfSense to manager which packets are more important, which are time-sensitive, and which aren't. It can also help distribute bandwidth evenly across your network (or not-so-evenly if that what you want). In your case you would want to use it to make sure voice packets get low-delay transmission and don't get queued behind data packets (which are less time-sensitive).
    Don't be afraid to play with the traffic shaper, worst that can happen is your packets will not be prioritized…

    One question though: why is your PBX in front of your firewall?? I'm concerned for the security of your network. A PBX is the last thing I would connect directly to the internet. It's fairly easy to gain access to your PBX and use it to make calls overseas... Secure your PBX behind pfSense, open and forward only the appropriate ports for your setup.

  • awesome reply dude. Thank you so much

  • besides the security aspect can also improve your VoIP by using traffic shaping i.e. prioritizing VoIP packets and/or making sure it always have available bandwidth

    if you do decide to place your VoIP device (ATA, etc.) behind the pfsense router, make sure you search and read the forum/wiki about NATing and random ports - you'll need to disable this feature or you will get one-way audio issues