URL Based Routing (without squid with VPN)

  • I have a VPN connection to multiple countries and I'd like to do url based routing. I currently have two radio streams from live.streamtheworld.com that originate from two countries and I'd like for a specific url (radio stream) to go out a certain gateway. It would appear that they are doing country filtering or checking and I can't get both streams to work at the same time if I use IP based routing for my client.

    xxx.live.streamtheworld.com (country 1)
    yyy.live.streamtheworld.com (country 2)

    Without using squid, I've tried to dig the first url to get the IP (created an alias for the IP) and then added it to the top my rules. So I added the first rule to the top of the chain under the LAN tab.

    Source    Destination        Gateway
    LAN net    Alias for IP      The proper gateway

    I'm still experiencing a timeout, so I'm not quite sure I've got it right. Any thoughts on how to do this? Perhaps another way?

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