Why is a stable, reliable UPS service so hard for pfSense?

  • I have been using various UPS management tools for various operating systems and equipment since at least the mid-2000s.

    I have never, ever had so much trouble with having a stable UPS tool as I have with pfSense.

    Seriously, I can't imagine claiming that you have this super awesome enterprise-grade FOSS network gateway when this very basic, fundamental service is so poorly supported.

    Seems like you could do a lot better.

  • My APC units work flawlessly with NUT and a AP9630/1 network management card. Shuts down a whole host of servers, VMs etc and powers back up when power returns.

    What connection method are you using? What exactly is the problem other than gemerally it's rubbish.

  • @dennypage:


    I just upgraded from 2.3.1_5 to 2.3.2 (Community Edition) and have the same issue. ups_status.php returns 404 not found.

    I have uninstalled and then reinstalled nut 2.7.4_1
    This did not resolve the issue.

    Perhaps the error "XML error: PKGINFOLINK at line 8 cannot occur more than once" shown in the installation log below is a relevant clue.

    As noted in other threads, 2.7.4_1 from the community and factory package servers are corrupt and will not install. The version from the beta package server is correct. I expect that the community and factory packages will be fixed as soon as someone is available on Monday.

    If have a critical need to install the package before then, you can PM me with an email address and I will send you a copy of the package.

  • Thats not a problem with UPS control, more a repo issue and its hardly representative of NUT historically.
    Im sure it will be fixed shortly.