Cant ping router pls help

  • pfesense –----------- cisco switch (VLAN) ------------- PC

    VLAN in pfsense ip is

    I'm stuck please help.

    • pc can ping pfsense box and VLAN port
    • pfsense can ping VLAN port but NOT pc
    • cisco switch CANNOT  ping pc,pfsense or vlan10.0.10.1

    please help im new to networking. thanks in advance.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Information provided is pretty sparse. Hard to help you considering.

    What interfacse have what ip addresses and netmasks. What do the various devices have set as their default gateways?

    What is this VLAN10? Another interface on pfSense? Where is is connected?

    Is the Cisco switch layer 2 or layer 3? How is its VIP configured? Why should it be able to ping anything on


  • pc is connected to interface port1 on cisco switch which is a vlan10 access mode.
    pfsense box connected to interface port4 on cisco switch which is a vlan 10 access mode.

    pfsense router LAN  ip address /24
    computer has ip address
    vlan10 in pfsense ip address

    i have not put any gateway

    switch is layer2 its 2900xl

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If the switchport going to pfSense is in access mode you do not need to set a VLAN on pfSense. Just use the regular (untagged) interface (reX, emX, igbX, etc).

    I still do not understand where VLAN10 on pfSense comes in with the address.

    You will have to configure the switch management interface on VLAN 10 for it to be able to ping anything.

  • got it. its working now, i had to configure the switch.  thank you so much Direlict.

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