Backup & Restore not saving certificates?

  • Recently attempted to move to a vmware version of pfsense.  Have 2.3.2 running on hardware.  Did a Diagnostics, Backup & Restore,  Backup Area: ALL.

    On vmware system, since I couldn't choose "all" to restore without clobbering the different interfaces, I restored each area, one by one.

    The certificates I made on the hardware version of pfsense did not migrate.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    All the certs would be stored in cert section of the all xml you downloaded, all the ca's you have would be in their own ca sections.

    You are correct there is no backup and restore listed for only these sections, so you would have to edit the xml by hand to put your backup in if you don't want to use the ALL, etc.  You could put in a feature request to all all the different individual sections of the xml to be individually restored or backed up.

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